Cindy Draper

Licensed Massage Therapist

Participating in the growth and development of family and friends provided the inspiration for my dream and mission, “Promoting wellness and unity in family and community through the healing power of touch.”

I continue my mission with the aide of my associates and the unending support of my loving husband. Although his presence is greatly missed his influence can be seen throughout the center with his many contributions of beautiful antiques.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Instructor, my services include: Deep Tissue work, Pregnancy massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki and Massage Classes.

I have grown tremendously these past 22+ years as a massage therapist. I often will say, when speaking with others about my profession, that I am in my element when in my office. I love the atmosphere created here – an extension of my home. My love of angels and their protection over me can be seen everywhere in the office. I include my collection of antiques as well as the thoughtful gifts from friends and family.

My spirit soars just entering the building. It has been a tremendous pleasure serving the many Caroline County residents who also seem to appreciate my loves. I believe in the healing power of touch and love helping clients that come in with aches, pains, stress, and physical or mental fatigue leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. It’s the best!!!

One of my greatest pleasures is having a client come through the front door with a sigh, saying, “I feel better already.” This confirms to me that my goal of providing a safe, relaxing atmosphere has been accomplished.

Cherish your purpose in life…Live without judgement, give without expecting, love for no reason… the spiritual trifecta!


Hot Stone Massage
Swedish Massage
Prenatal Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Massage Instruction